Counseling Department

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To speak to, email, or schedule an appointment with a counselor, please locate the corresponding alpha for the student's last name or academy.

Lili Mejia

Alpha:  A-Casi 
Academy of Business

Jairo Perez

Alpha:  Morb-Perea

Cuba Montero

Alpha: Casj-Gara
CODE Academy & Upward Bound

Peggy Helmstedter

Alpha:  Pereb-Sald
Culinary Academy

(805) 278-3114
(805) 328-4826

Patrice Kawaichi

Alpha:  Garb-I
Health Science Academy

(805) 394-8230
(805) 278-3140

Elmer Umipig

Alpha:  Sale-Z
TECA Academy

Reyna Aguirre

Alpha:  J– Mora

David H. Ramos

ELD 101-103
Migrant Education
Foster Education

(805) 385-2661
(805) 751-3365

Ester Dominguez

Student Intervention Specialist

Paloma Murillo

Student Intervention Specialist

(805) 278-1775
twitter: @palomajmurillo