June 7, 2018


Jazz Ensemble

On Wednesday May 30, on the back patio of our Performing Arts Center, our Jazz Ensemble I hosted their annual spring concert–Jazz Under the Stars.  The evening featured swing, blues, rock and Latin and lots of improvisation!  The evening’s concert concluded with a dedication to seventeen seniors who will be graduating next week!  Thanks to all of the staff, faculty, parents and students who attended this special event!



June 6, 2018 was a HUGE day for the entire Pacifica High School family. At the OUHSD Staff and Student Recognition Ceremony, our esteemed colleague, Ms. Allison Holicky, was honored as the OUHSD Teacher of the Year!!! Everyone in Triton Land truly believes that we are one of the finest high schools in Ventura County and Ms. Holicky is truly a major pillar of strength on our campus and one of the main reasons why PHS is an amazing place for staff and students alike.

First and foremost, Ms. Holicky is an AMAZING English teacher. Her passion for teaching is highly admirable. She truly loves her students and puts every ounce of her heart and soul into giving them a first-class education. Ms. Holicky is truly a pedagogical expert and an outstanding human being at the core of her soul.

Even though Ms. Holicky’s work in the classroom is enough to make her the OUHSD Teacher of the Year, her greatness does not end there. She dramatically impacts all facets of life at PHS and is a key player in all things related to curriculum and instruction.

Clearly, Ms. Holicky is a truly dedicated Triton and worthy of the highest recognition in the OUHSD. PHS loves you Ms. Holicky!!!


Pacifica Triton Parents rocked the house this week as they attended the LAST DELAC/DPAC meeting at the district office on Tuesday, June 5th from 6-8:00 pm.

Out parents received a nice dinner as they joined together for the closing of the school year. Thank you to our dedicated parents!!!

Congratulations to our new elected parent officers for our district…..

President:           Mrs. Caridad Peralta (PHS)

Vice-Pres:           Mrs. Jessica Vargas (HHS)

Secretary:           Mrs. Lucrecia Jimenez (OHS)

Sgt of Arms:        Mrs. Soledad Barragan (PHS


On Wednesday, Luke Menchaca from Oxnard College met with Pacifica High School students to assist them with enrollment into the American Sign Language course for the Fall semester of the 2018 school year. The class will begin in August for the 2018-2019 school year and take place after school on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 3:15-5:30 pm at Pacifica High School. We were able to successfully enroll 35 students in this course for next school year.

Counselors are preparing for graduation by ensuring seniors have met the requirements to take part in commencement.

Counselors have been working on student schedules for the 2018-2019 school year.


On May 29th CODE Academy Class of 2018 went to California Adventure park trip part of Disney Youth Education. Besides having some fun inside the park students learned about the complex components that work together to bring favorite Disney characters and stories to the big screen.

As always our PHS students were amazing!

Many thanks to the chaperones: Mr.Farias, Mr.Sydlaske, Mr. Garcia, and Mr. Gonzalez.

On June 2nd CODE Academy participated in the Skoolcade – Ventura County video game competition.

Below is the list of students that participated and their games:

* Calvin Nguyen and Evin McCosh with “Virus Attack”

* Issac Navarro with “Broly”s Revenge”

* Cuyler Lorenzana with “Pew”

There were 10 teams from Elementary School, 22 teams from Middle School, and 15 HS teams.

Our students earned 3rd place with “Virus Attack”, and “Pew” earned the people choice award.

Good Job Tritons!


June 1, 2018



On Monday, May 21st, the Pacifica Currents staff participated in the annual TCJEA journalism competition at California Lutheran University.

The staff overall took an Honorable Mention in the ‘Best Newspaper’ category, while junior Kassandra Barragan earned a First Place in ‘Critical Review,’ freshman Sophia Borja an Honorable Mention in ‘Editorial Writing,’ sophomore Zoe Beloy an Honorable Mention in ‘Editorial Cartoon,’ and senior Angel Lopez another Honorable Mention in Sports Writing.

Peer Resource

Students from our 0 Period, Peer Resource class, received an award from the Ventura County Office of Education for their participation in Friday Night Live. Our freshman student, Jesus Garcia, led the evening in the reciting of the pledge of allegiance. Prior to the pledge,  our students and families from all over Ventura County,  were treated to a delicious dinner and a fun evening concluding with awards of excellence. Mrs. Wolfe congratulations  all of her students for their work on Changing the Social Norms around alcohol use.



Jesus Garica leading the pledge at the FNL/TUPE awards on May 30, 2018.

Video Game Club

The 6th VGC tournament ended as follows:

1st place: Alex .M and Cesar .H

2nd place: Morgan .T and Chris

3rd place: Alex .S and Carlos .G


On Thursday, May 31th, over 300 students were recognized during Senior Awards/College Acceptance Night. Students and families enjoyed cake after the ceremony. The counselors would like to thank teachers and staff members who contributed to scholarships, sat on scholarship committees, presented awards, and to those teachers and staff who came out and supported our students!


This years Triton Cup proved to be a lot of fun. We had some excellent tennis out there and the kids really enjoyed playing with their teachers. Congratulations to this years winners: Ramon Rodriguez and Joanna Dam in the Novice Division and Aaron Peck and Kacie Galang in the Open division. Pictured as well are the finalists Andrew Navarro and Diana Vergil, and Randy Guzik with Gissele Bautista.


May 25, 2018



ID 2018-19 Photo Days were held on May 23 & 24. Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen have already been photographed for next school year. Make-up photo day will be held in early September.

Seniors picked up their caps & gowns on May 24 during their economics and government classes. They will also be attending Magic Mountain GradNite on Friday/Saturday, May 25-26 from 9pm to 5am.

Symphonic & Band Ensemble

On Saturday May 19th, our Symphonic and Jazz Ensemble I bands participated in the Rio School District Music festival.  This festival, held annually, celebrates all music programs in the Rio School District.   Jazz Ensemble I was the featured high school  jazz group  playing rock and Latin pieces! The evening concluded with a mass band of approximately two hundred and fifty students from the Rio School District, Pacifica High School’s Symphonic Band and Rio Mesa’s High Schools Concert Band Performing three pieces—- Celtic Myth, The Bluebells of Scotland and Engines of Resistance.   Thank you to Dr. Puglisi, Superintendent of the Rio School District, and Doug Williamson, band director at Rio Vista, for inviting us  to participate once again!

Tuesday evening,  our Symphonic Band hosted it’s annual spring concert. The evening featured a variety of pieces including music from The Incredibles, Carmina Burana and True Blue March!  At the conclusion of concert, we celebrated and paid tribute to twenty-two seniors who will be graduating from our ensemble!

Calculus Dodger Night

75 Students attended Calculus Dodger Night on Wednesday, joined by the AP Stats and the Culinary Academy Seniors.  For most students, it was their first time to Dodger Stadium.  We had a great time, and the Dodgers actually won!  Mr. Guzik would like to thank Ms. Murillo, Ms. Sandoval, Ms. Espino, Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Mejia, Ms. Rogers, Mr. McCardell, Mr. Harvey, Mr. Valdez, and  Mr. Goldstein for driving these students.

Senior Acknowledgement

Congratulations to Seniors Mayra Cuevas, Erik Munoz, and Esmirna Sandoval for writing compelling essays to win the Staff Laptops for college.  These laptops will be presented at Senior Awards Night.

Dance Department

Dance Dept.-  The PHS Dance Department showcased their talents in the spring 2018  dance show EXPRESS YOURSELF.   Dance Rhythmics took us back to Studio 54 with their disco routine ; Dance Technique embraced the passion of tango; Street Jazz represented the 805 with their hip hop skills, and Advanced Dance always so impressive with their ability to choreograph and execute many different styles of dance at a professional level.  The following genres were represented:  jazz, ballet, tap,point,hip hop, contemporary, prop/novelty, Tahitian, salsa, acro-jazz, disco, and tango. Guest performers were an added touch; special thanks to the Highland Competition Team and the Pure Joy Moving Company from MacKinnon Dance Academy and the Rancho Campana High School Dance Dept. for joining us this year.  Kudos to Artistic Director/dance teacher Mrs. King, Assistant Director/dance teacher Mrs Simpson, and Stage Manager/dance teacher Anna Espino for providing a special dance experience to the Triton student body.

Game Club

The tournament is in the semi-final matches!


On Friday, May 18, 2018, Principal Lawrence, once again, hosted Coffee with the Principal. Over 50 parents showed up to engage in parent-driven dialogue with the Principal. Parents asked the Principal questions about everything from School Safety to Graduation. It was an amazing, positive discussion where parents felt very validated and appreciated the productive interaction with the Principal. Pacifica High School is highly committed to a high degree of parent involvement and this event contributed greatly to that!


On Saturday, May 19th, 2018, Claudia Naranjo from PHS & Fabiola Sanchez from CIHS chaperoned for the 1st Annual Bilingual “Haciendo Realidad mi Sueño” Conference at UCSB. There were 15 students that attended along with their parents and siblings. Workshops included on why students should attend college, how to pay for college, personal planning including how be a supportive parent in getting your child to college. The conference ended with a tour of this beautiful campus including a walk to the beach near UCSB and a panel of college students who shared their personal stories/struggles and how they have learned to be a successful college student. A special thank you to  Hilda Gomez from OUHSD and UCSB EAOP Program which hosted this special event for our community. Triton students participated fully, asked questions and are excited to attend UCSB someday!

Parent Recognition

Pacifica High School Triton Parents get recognized on May 17th at the OUHSD Board Meeting. A special thank you to Mrs. Caridad Peralta (DELAC President) and Mrs.  Maria Teresa Salazar (DELAC Secretary) for their dedication and participation as parent leaders for Pacifica High school along with other parents from our district. These two parents have attended monthly meetings at our school, district meetings/trainings and have also been presenters for OUHSD family conferences. Caridad & Maria Teresa are great role models for all parents in our community. Go Tritons!


On May 24th, counselors, the school nurse and AP Sandoval took part in the Alternative Placement Committee (APC) meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to review required documents and procedures needed to make an appropriate referral for alternative placement.

Counselors along with Rosa Castellanos are continuing to work collaboratively on assigned tasks to prepare for Senior Awards/College Acceptance Night. Senior Awards/College Acceptance Night will take place on Thursday, May 31, 2018. Senior students that will be recognized were invited to an informational meeting on May 24th during 4th period. We are excited to celebrate with our seniors all their great accomplishments.


Culinary Arts

For the 1st time ever in culinary arts academy history, the seniors went on a field trip to Dodgers Stadium for a tour of their facility, which included their restaurants and a discussion with two of their executive chefs. Then we went to Grand Central Market in order to help our students expand their knowledge of the different cuisines and eat lunch. To finish off our field trip, we went back to Dodgers Stadium for a game against the Rockies where we met up with Mr. Guzik’s Calculus class. It was an awesome experience and the Dodgers won 3-1.


May 18, 2018



ID 2018-19 Photo Days will be next Wednesday and Thursday, May 23 & 24. Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen will be taking ID photos in their social science and health classes on their scheduled days.

Seniors will be picking up their caps & gowns on Thursday, May 24 from the ASB Room during their economics and government classes.

Pacifica seniors will be attending Magic Mountain GradNite on Friday/Saturday, May 25-26. The event begins at 9pm and ends at 5am.

Pacifica’s Prom was held this past Saturday, May 12 at Universal Studios. Over 560 students and guests attended the event which included dinner, dancing, activities, and admission to the PTSA after-prom party at Oxnard Plaza14 Cinemas.

The Prom Queen and King elected that night were: Veronica Armendariz & Angel Villanueva.

Thanks to our bus chaperones: Ms. Bethany Rogers, Ms. Jennie Montgomery, and parent volunteers Mr. David Covarrubias and Mrs. Patty Einstein.

Prom chaperones were Mr. Mike Castanon, Ms. Veronica Morales, Ms. Laura Rico, Mr. Carlos Aldrete, Mrs. Lorena Haas, Mr. Carlos Castro, Ms. Anna Espino, and Ms. Allison Holicky.

Those involved in Ariel’s Closet were: Mrs. Mayra Bemis, Ms. Corie Ochoa, Ms. Jennie Montgomery, and  Mrs. Jay Behniwal, who donated her time Saturday morning styling a few girls’ hair.

Thanks also to Mrs. Lupe Murillo at prom photos in the cafeteria and to PTSA president Mrs. Yecenia Alvarado and all those parents and volunteers involved in the after-prom party.

Extra-special thanks to our administrators involved in the event, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Angel Silva, Mr. Cameron Salehi and our bookkeeper, Mrs. Yolanda Chavira.

Peer Resource

Peer Resource is happy to report that we had another successful Peer Mediation this week. Three of our students: Daisy Vasquez, K’lian Casey and Hanna Aparicio did a wonderful job helping two Tritons work out their issues. Peer Resource is thrilled Ms. Kawachi suggested peer mediation and that the students agreed to participate.  With only a few weeks left in the year, we hope that if other teen issues arise, additional students and staff will seek out Peer Resource to help ‘teens with their everyday growing up problems.”

Game Club

The 6th VGC tournament has started!


Interact And Oxnard Rotary

Pacifica Interact was invited to join the Oxnard Rotary Luncheon at The Marriott on May 15, 2018.

Gary Davis and Bert Partida sat with us at the head table- we shared a fabulous lunch and our amazing students reported out on a fantastic year- that is still going.

This year we qualified for a Rotary and Interact Leadership Award- completing service projects in 10 different areas. #Wintheday

Thank you Mr. Lawrence for printing the Pacifica High School Interact Album in color!  It was a definite winner!

Our last three events are:

  1.  Get Out and Play Day with the entire 2nd grade class at Brekke- collaboration with my good friend Patty Einstein. (Over 120 students)- May 23, 2018
  2. Step Into Literacy with Brekke and Caesar Chavez Kindergarten (Over 200 students)- May 25, 2018
  3. Camarillo Animal Shelter- Tour and walk- Donations of Blankets and Towels to sheltered animals.




May 11, 2018



Pacifica’s Prom, “Beneath the Winter Stars,” will be held this Saturday, May 12 at Universal Studios from 8pm-midnight. 570 students and guests will be attending. The event includes dinner consisting of caesar salad, pasta, chicken piccata, various desserts, and unlimited refreshments. Besides dancing, attendees will also be able to have a caricature drawing done, take a photo booth pictures with friends, and enjoy part of the park. Prom queen and king voting will also occur on site, with the winners crowned that night.
The nominees for prom king are:

Angel Villanueva, Chris Casimiro, Nathaniel Tagulao, and Sebastian Rios-Lara.

The nominees for prom queen are:

Evelyn Guillen, Hazel Mandujano, Kacie Galang, and Veronica Armendariz.

Following the prom, PTSA will be hosting an after-prom party at Oxnard Plaza 14 Cinemas. The night will feature more food, activities, movies, and prizes. Those students who take the charter buses to prom will be dropped off at the after prom party to continue their night.


Our Unified basketball teams are practicing every Friday in preparation for our upcoming games against the OHS Unified teams on June 7th. There will be 2 games played that day so please be on the lookout for details so you can come out and show your support!!!

The students from Ms. Magallanes and Ms. Soto’s classes had spent all last week learning about the job of firefighter and what they do for our community. They were then able to end the week with an amazing presentation with a visit from Captain Spence, Engineer Aguirre, and Firefighter Gilson from Oxnard Fire Department Station 4 last Friday. This included being able to see the gear/equipment, and engine firsthand, as well as shoot water from the hose!

Key Club

Key Club members chomped down on lemons yesterday as a part of an awareness and fundraising campaign for ending tetanus that kills mothers and babies around the world. The fact that neonatal tetanus kills one baby every 11 minutes is something that the Eliminate campaign (Key Club, Kiwanis, and UNICEF) is working on to immunize 100 million people – so our pucker-faced Key Clubbers are doing their bit by taking their sour bite!


  • Neonatal tetanus kills one baby every eleven minutes—approximately 34,000 newborns every year.
  • To eliminate MNT from the Earth, more than 100 million must be immunized to protect themselves and their future newborns. This requires vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, thousands of skilled staff and more.
  • It will take US$110 million—and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family.

Peer Resource

Mrs. Wolfe would like to congratulate her Peer Resource class and especially three students for successfully handling a Conflict Mediation on Monday, May 7. Two students were referred to conflict mediation by former Peer Resource teacher, turned assistant principal, Mr. Salehi.   The two students agreeing to the mediation were treated with respect, kindness and professionalism by their Peer Resource mediators: -Joshua Carranza and K’lian Casey, both outstanding 9th graders. The note taker was sophomore Hanna Aparicio. Thank you to Mr. Salehi for using this powerful intervention option and congratulations to Joshua, K’lian and Hanna for a job well done!


Health & Wellness Fair

Over 200 families came to Pacifica High School to host OUHSD Annual FAMILY HEALTH & WELLNESS FAIR on Saturday, April 28th from 11am till 2pm.  Providers present were: Food Share, Behavioral Health, Clinical del Camino Real, CDR, Gold Coast Health Plan, City of Oxnard, Community Action HEAP, Tri-Counties, Human Services Agency, Public Health, YMCA, Dignity Health, Foster VC Kids, AMR. Families also learning about Youth/Family Counseling Home Energy Assistance Programs, Mental Health, Health Insurance Programs and Free Health Screenings  that included Blood Glucose/Blood Pressure/Vision/Breast Exams).  Families walked away with a bag full of veggies and fruits! A special thank you to Hilda Gomez from the OUHSD who organized this event along with each School Site Parent Facilitator.  #Tritonswintheday


Counselors went into the Government and Economics classes to inform seniors about Senior Awards Night and to have students complete the post high school plan survey.






Dance Department- In honor of National Dance Week, the dance department performed at lunch on Friday, April 27, 2018.  Soloist Ramon Martinez got the crowd pumped up with his hip hop skills; Ashley Aceves and  Kevin Orozco spiced things up with a sizzling salsa duet.  After school the celebration continued with dance workshops.  Kris Lara ,2010 PHS Alumnus, taught a master hip hop class; Savannah Chapman, 2013 PHS Alumnus, taught an intermediate/advanced jazz dance class.


AVID students have been busy. AVID students attended the Going To College Fair put on by the district on April . We heard an excellent key note speaker and then students went to different workshops on financial aid, going to college out of state, how to take notes and improve grades — there were many different presentations and we had a fantastic time. AVID sophomores visited the Museum of Tolerance with Mrs. Ramos and Mr. Martinez in April. The students had an excellent learning experience regarding the Holocaust and saw artifacts from World War 2. The National College Fair was also in April at the Ventura County Fairgrounds and Mrs. Ramos took some students. Others were able to attend with their families. Over 150 Universities were there and our students got a lot of valuable information. They are starting to receive brochures in the mail and they’re getting emails from schools all over the US. Then on May 2, AVID freshmen visited UCSB with Mr. Calderon and Mrs. Ramos. The admissions presentation was by far the best UCSB has given to our AVID students. Did you know that their admissions review uses a 50/50 strategy — 50% of their application is based on grades and A-G completion.  The other 50% is based on non-academics, meaning volunteer hours, employment, leadership opportunities, etc. It really was full of valuable information. Thank you to Mr. Lawrence for supporting PHS AVID.

Our seniors have accepted the admission to the following schools: Ronaldo Cacerez, Humboldt State; Anel Hernandez, CSUN; Emily Zavala, CSUCI; Stephanie Posadas, CSUCI; Mauricio Juarez, CSUCI. Another 14 will be attending Oxnard College and Ventura College will be receiving 7 of our tritons. All of them are first generation college students. Come check out their acceptance letters posted outside E204. 🙂 – #GOTRITONS!


At the most recent PTSA meeting on April 30, five wonderful Peer Resource/Friday Night Live students: Martin Gomez, Monique Malcom, Daisy Vasquez, Hanna Aparicio and Joshua Carranza presented to students, parents and staff valuable information about the dangers of drinking alcohol. These motivated students are working to change the social norms around alcohol  use and shared current statistics from the most recent California Healthy Kids Survey regarding teen alcohol use. These teens also informed everyone about Ventura County’s Social Host Law which can fine homeowners or even students up to $2500.00 for hosting a party where there is underage drinking. In addition, our Peer Resource/FNL students reminded the audience that the mission of Peer Resource is that they are, ‘teens helping teens with everyday growing up problems’ and want to be available to assist other students who may  wish to talk with another teen  in a safe, confidential way.

Peer Resource

On Thursday, April 26, seven students from our Peer Resource class joined MECHA from CIHS at the Ventura County Rescue Mission to cut grapes, set the table, serve food and to be an inspiration to our community. Mrs. Wolfe would like to thank, Johnny Fuentes, Jazlyn Bell, Evelin Coyomatzi, Nayeli Hernandez, Obed Cruz, Emil Espinosa and  Jesus Garcia for giving up their Thursday afternoon to help others.

The Alliance

The Alliance of Pacifica High School held an educational and entertaining event for over 100 people on Friday, April 27th called Break the Silence in support of our LGBTQ community. It took place in the PAC after school and hosted representatives from the VCOE, Rainbow Umbrella, the Coalition for Family Harmony, the Ventura County Center for Behavioral Health, Planned Parenthood, TayTunnel, and Diversity Collective. The event covered the LGBTQ terminology, new California Laws, & the Do’s & Don’ts of Best Practices. Our very own Mr. Mark Wingland spoke about his role as an educator and a parent and Ms. Naseem Naghdi helped and participated in the Drag Fashion Show.


Oxnard College was on campus this week to help Seniors who will be attending Oxnard College in the Fall of 2018 set up their portal accounts.

Lili Mejia conducted a classroom presentation to the 10th grade TECA cohort. Ms. Mejia emphasized the following: The role of a high school counselor, required education, confidentiality, skills and strengths needed, aptitudes and interests, and salary.



ASB Elections for 2018-19 officers were held Thursday, April 26 at lunch.

Those elected are:

ASB President:

  • Michael Cazares

ASB Vice-President:

  • Madelyn Grajeda

ASB Cabinet Officers:

  • Starla Snider
  • Ariana Rodriguez
  • Martha Garcia

Class of 2019 President:

  • Leana Magdaleno

 Class of 2019 Officers:

  • Anthony Guerrero
  • Trinidad Hinahon
  • Nathan Castillo
  • Marina Chavez
  • Joseph Khalil

 Class of 2020 Officers:

  • Nikki Iglupas
  • Socrates Perez
  • Chelsea Silva

Class of 2021 President:

  • Diego Luna

Class of 2021 Officers:

  • Alexandra Camargo
  • Sierra Cheyanne Perez
  • Alexia Guerrero

Game Club

Winners for 5th VGC tournament:

  • 1st place: Marco Rivera
  • 2nd place: Oscar Alcaraz
  • 3rd place: Saul Herrera

Also,  the 6th VGC tournament is Wii Sports.


On Wednesday, April 25th more than 75 students attended an informational meeting regarding dual enrollment for the American Sign Language course being offered at Pacifica High School this fall. Pacifica High School students learned the benefits of dual enrollment and were able to have their questions addressed as they pertained to the ASL course through Oxnard College. Next week on May 2nd, students will attend application workshops in the College and Career Center to begin the enrollment process. We would like to thank Luke Menchaca and Cassie Marcum from Oxnard College for their time.

Counselors began planning for Senior Awards Night. Senior Awards Night will be held on Thursday, May 31, 2018.

Counselors wrapped up in- house registration with all 9th, 10th, and 11th graders, for the upcoming 2018-19 school year.