Consumer and Family Sciences


Pacifica High School has developed 2 career pathways: 1) Fashion Design, Manufacturing and Merchandising 2) Food Service and Hospitality. Consumer and Family Science Programs integrates Career Technical, English Language Arts, Math, and Science Standards from the California State Standards Frameworks. Course sequences are complete and rigorous in each field. Teachers provide supportive and innovative learning environments to educate our Tritons as the next generation of scholars and leaders through discovery, learning, and engagement activities. Teachers support the empowerment of each individual student across his or her lifespan to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse, global society. Appreciation for human worth, acceptance of responsibility for one’s actions, and success in the family serve as a foundation for each program. Students learn critical and creative thinking skills to address situations that may arise in each of these fields. They develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed to meet the demands of the emerging occupational trends in our fields.