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Mission & Vision


Mission Statement

To ensure every person has equitable access to develop academically, socially, and physically by fostering high expectations and success in academics, arts, and athletics in a structured, positive environment.


Student Learner Outcomes: The TIDE of Success

Tritons: Involved & Driven to Excellence
By graduation, Tritons will be:
1. Prepared for a future as responsible, healthy, involved citizens
2. Problem solvers and academic achievers
3. Effective communicators in diverse and global communities


Pacifica High School Goals

  1. Increase student achievement through rigor, equity, access, PLC's, and engagement in an effort to increase A-G completion rates and ensure powerful futures for EVERY student.
  2. Close the achievement gap in an effort to ensure college and career readiness for EVERY student, increase the PHS graduation rate, and reduce the PHS dropout rate so that EVERY student has the opportunity, if they choose, to attend a two or four-year college.
  3. Create, maintain and ensure a safe, positive learning environment where attendance improves and student discipline (suspensions/expulsions) is reduced. PBIS and all that it entails becomes the norm in common areas and classrooms.