Weekly Update 11/30/18


Mr. Jon Balden led a nice group of 15 Tritons that showed up to battle other Ventura County High School students answering some extremely challenging geography questions on the morning of Saturday, November 17.  Unfortunately, our Tritons only got an 11th place finish out of 23 teams that competed this year.  The good news is that Mr. Balden has a young team made up of mostly freshman and juniors that were able to gain valuable experience at the event.  We will get ’em next year! Great Job Tritons!!



All students in Mrs. Anttila’s Mathematics for Financial Literacy are learning how to attend college and graduate without any student loans. Students understand the value of attending community college before transferring to a 4-year and are poised to take advantage of the Oxnard Promise. As part of the process, all students enrolled in Oxnard (or Ventura or Moorpark) College during class on Thursday. Representatives from Oxnard College joined the class Thursday to assist with enrollment and questions. Many students were motivated to enroll in Spring semester and will be starting their college experience in January while they finish up their senior year.



On Wednesday, November 28, 2018 Lili Mejia, David Ramos, Elmer Umipig, Ester Dominguez, Cristina Magallanes, Maria Maldonado and Angie Sandoval attended the 12th Annual Special Populations Conference at the Ventura County Office of Education. Workshops addressed the following topics: Suicide awareness, students experiencing homelessness, emotional poverty, and cannabis in schools. A student panel consisting of foster youth, migrant, and homeless talked about their experiences at school and home, how they overcame barriers and what educators can do to help them be successful.



Hello PHS Team! My name is Josh Tirado and I am the newest member of the Triton team. I am the Early Academic Outreach Program’s College Site Coordinator for Pacifica HS.  EAOP is the UC’s largest and oldest academic prep program.  Our goal is to assist all students in reaching their higher education goals. I will be collaborating with PHS’ counseling team, AP’s, teachers, and career center technicians in providing an array of EAOP services. One of my first assignments is to assist with the existing efforts to increase PHS’ FAFSA and Dream Act applications submitted and completed. During my first couple of days I will focus on getting adjusted, settling into my new space, and meeting the school’s staff.  Of which, I might add, all of you have been so nice and welcoming; I really appreciate everyone’s kindness and helpfulness. My first few weeks I will be learning how the school works, seeing what already is in place and where EAOP is needed to fill in gaps and boost what you all have worked so hard on so far. If I have not met you yet, feel free to stop by and say hi. I’m in the career center.



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