Weekly Update 10/26/18



With the help of the VCOE Career Education Center, the Teaching and Educational Careers Academy (TECA) was able to take its entire cohort of students up to Camp Whittier to do some leadership and teamwork training.  Students started with low ropes coursework within their cohorts but then moved on to high ropes coursework with mixed grades.  This allowed both the grade level cohorts and the cross-level cohorts to form bonds that are crucial to Academy success!  Each student had to write a reflection about their experience in the context of leadership, teamwork, and positivity.  Here is what some of them said:

 “I learned to trust other students whom I never met before and they also learned to trust me”
“I noticed that when I was around a group with multiple leader-like people, I would step down and act more as a teammate. When I was in my second group, my teammates didn’t take the role of leader, so I stepped in and made decisions.”
 “I’ve always had the mindset of “I can’t do it” and this trip helped me improve my positivity and I know now that I can do anything that I set my mind to.”


AVID seniors visited UCSB on Wednesday, Oct. 24. We had a great time touring the campus and trying to blend in as “college students”.  As we continue to work on college applications some of our students will be adding UCSB to their list. Thank you to Ms. Naghdi & Mr. Navarro for joining Mrs. Ramos & our AVID seniors on this wonderful field trip. And thank you Mr. Lawrence for letting us visit another university. #gotritons



Pacifica High School held their homecoming dance last weekend, October 20, in the gym. Over 1,000 students and guests attended the event.



The Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3 team leads Stefanie Davison, Rachael Carver, and Keren Zaks have begun working on vertical collaboration between these three levels of classes.  Their goal is to create a more cohesive flow between the classes as well as zero in on what each class needs to achieve.


A huge PHS thank you to Mrs. Murillo and all the volunteer parents for donating all of the items that were sold during our Homecoming Dance!
PTSA is sponsoring Start Smart Program in co op with Oxnard PD on November 7th at 6:30. For further information, please email our PTSA president at


In November, PTSA will have our poinsettia fundraiser. Poinsettias will be sold for $10 a plant.


  • Our Intervention Specialist, Ester Dominguez, attended a 2 day training on BRRIIM – Brief Risk Reduction Interview and Intervention Model. This model is a structured Family Conference for students that have been suspended for Drug or Alcohol use. It is a  prevention strategy that is used to assess strengths, risks and needs. A Family Plan is created from the information collected and is developed collaboratively by the Intervention Specialist, student and parents/guardians. This plan includes student responsibilities, parent/guardian responsibilities, staff responsibilities, and staff recommendations. We are eager and excited to get this alternative to Suspension program stated, hopefully mid to late November.
  • On October 22nd, California Lutheran University (CLU) held an informational meeting. Over 20 students attended the meeting and received general information pertaining to the university. Students learned valuable information regarding majors at CLU, living on campus and financial aid.
  • On October 23rd a California State University (CSU) workshop was held to help senior students complete the CSU application. Over 20 students attended the workshop and received assistance in completing the CSU application. On behalf of the counseling team, we’d like to thank CSUCI representative, Leo Sun for his assistance and support in making this event happen.
  • Ventura College held a workshop at Pacifica High School to assist seniors whom attended the informational meeting the week before set up their portal and complete orientation.
  • The Counseling Department hosted a financial aid workshop on Thursday, October 25, 2018.  Expert representatives from Oxnard College Financial Aid Office assisted students and parents with their FAFSA or Dream Act application in both English and Spanish.



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