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Students in Triton T-shirts are standing around Principle Lawrence.



On Monday, May 21st, the Pacifica Currents staff participated in the annual TCJEA journalism competition at California Lutheran University.

The staff overall took an Honorable Mention in the ‘Best Newspaper’ category, while junior Kassandra Barragan earned a First Place in ‘Critical Review,’ freshman Sophia Borja an Honorable Mention in ‘Editorial Writing,’ sophomore Zoe Beloy an Honorable Mention in ‘Editorial Cartoon,’ and senior Angel Lopez another Honorable Mention in Sports Writing.

Peer Resource

Students from our 0 Period, Peer Resource class, received an award from the Ventura County Office of Education for their participation in Friday Night Live. Our freshman student, Jesus Garcia, led the evening in the reciting of the pledge of allegiance. Prior to the pledge,  our students and families from all over Ventura County,  were treated to a delicious dinner and a fun evening concluding with awards of excellence. Mrs. Wolfe congratulations  all of her students for their work on Changing the Social Norms around alcohol use.



Jesus Garica leading the pledge at the FNL/TUPE awards on May 30, 2018.

Video Game Club

The 6th VGC tournament ended as follows:

1st place: Alex .M and Cesar .H

2nd place: Morgan .T and Chris

3rd place: Alex .S and Carlos .G


On Thursday, May 31th, over 300 students were recognized during Senior Awards/College Acceptance Night. Students and families enjoyed cake after the ceremony. The counselors would like to thank teachers and staff members who contributed to scholarships, sat on scholarship committees, presented awards, and to those teachers and staff who came out and supported our students!


This years Triton Cup proved to be a lot of fun. We had some excellent tennis out there and the kids really enjoyed playing with their teachers. Congratulations to this years winners: Ramon Rodriguez and Joanna Dam in the Novice Division and Aaron Peck and Kacie Galang in the Open division. Pictured as well are the finalists Andrew Navarro and Diana Vergil, and Randy Guzik with Gissele Bautista.

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