Student Achievement

Pacifica High School is committed to providing the young men and women of this community an excellent opportunity to prepare themselves for success in their future. We provide an outstanding college preparatory program for students who desire to further their education after high school. We prepare students for the world of work by providing quality programs that give students skills and knowledge to be successful in their chosen profession. We also prepare our students to be members of a democratic society by ensuring that our students develop an understanding of the institutions within our society, appreciate those values that we share in common, and develop a respect for different cultures and society as a whole.

Our Mission Statement

To ensure every person the opportunity to develop intellectually, morally, and physically in a structured and creative environment by fostering success in academics, arts, and athletics.

The TIDE of Success:

Tritons: Involved & Driven to Excellence.

  1. By graduation, Tritons will be:
    1. Responsible, healthy, productive citizens
    2. Problem solvers & academic achievers
    3. Effective communicators in a global world.